Thursday, March 8, 2018

Plastic Summarising Reading Work.

This is my Reading slide about Plastic. My teacher instructed me to put this slide on my blog. First I read two articles about the problem with plastic and the one about Plastic island. After I had finished the two articles, I took in the main thing they were focusing in the two articles and the facts they came with Them that related to the main parts: Then I wrote stuff that I took from the two articles and made my summary. 

Friday, March 2, 2018

My Mihi 2018

I made this for my profile of a hero booklet. My teachers told me to put this on my blog. So what I did first was write my mihi and then draw my mountain, family , city I had been born from, my river.

Hope you enjoy!

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

The Magic Box Poem.

In Rimu this week we had to write a based about another poem called The Magic Box and post on our blogs. We also had to write what is was made out of and what we put inside of it.
I hope you enjoy.

I will put in the box...
A small lighting house.
Shining shouting red sun.
Bold big line connected to my mind.

I will put into the box
Ideas from my brain.
Growing trees as I create it.
Calming beds to put people to sleep.

I will put in the box.
A blue glowing sky, from the trees I growed.
A red sports car that speeds like an olympic runner.
Invisible calm wind to dance with the trees.

I will put in the box.
A bright shining bold blue moon so the tired sun can take a break.
1000 small villages with beautiful houses.
My own version of reality from my personality and my own logic.

My box is fashioned from imagination and daydreaming.
Its hinges are made out passion.

I shall go into the box, then feel alive.

Monday, November 27, 2017

A&P Show Slide

In Rimu we went to the A&P show for a day, then we had to make a presentation about it. We had to do a range of things set for us to do in any order. Here is the criteria and the pair feedback.

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

The Ocean Maker Narrative

In Rimu this week we did a narrative story based from a video and we would watch a bit of it and write our own ending. The video was called The Ocean Maker.

We had to write what the person saw and how she felt. Plus what she was doing. I did reread it.

Here is a photo of what we had to do and the other small thing we had to do.
File_000 (2).jpeg
I found it challenging to put in more descriptive phrases.

Here is the story and also I will show you the video but I have to warn you the video has a little bit of blood in it.

Hello human,This is my story of what happened to this place… Ok…
It started when I was traveling to a washed up desert that use to be a sea.I was a girl who was doing a project that I was sent to do… It was called the Rain/Ocean maker…
When I was flying, I saw wrecked ships and old camps… The one main thing that caught my eye was a lighthouse… I felt blank and hopeless… But then the the lighthouse’s light pointed to a cloud… I felt much better… Then went to the light to see if anyone was there… Soon I opened the door and went up the stairs… The stairs were dusty as if it was not been used and no one cleaned it… Soon I found a door and opened it… There was a man looking grim… I asked him what happened… He told me that It used to be a harbor where people selected water for their homes… He didn’t say anything else. Then I asked for his name. He said it was Roy… He didn’t want to look at me but his eyes didn’t agree with him and then he did a little glance at my eyes… His face told me that He wanted me to get out.

At that very moment. I told him about the “Rain Maker”… Then he got excited about the project and why I was doing this… I knew this was going to bee a legend that no one would forget… Me being excited, I ran to my plane and got out the blueprints with the parts… A week later we started to make it and we did fail lots… Roy have almost given up… But after six months, We had finished it… Anyway I was really happy…

A day later, we had tested it And it had worked… The Rain/ocean Maker turns the clouds to make full up with water and drop rain an unnatural amount on the sand… Then we started to clean up and fix the camp sites. A month later the news heard about what happened… Roy thought he would be famous and power went to his head… He wanted to be the only one with power… He had a mental break down and Murdered me… He stuffed me inside the RainMaker… I thought I was going to die… But Something else happened the wires went out of place and the system had an error… It had rebuilt itself with its safety switch programing… Then it and I merged into one and I became a machine with a human brain that was powered with water… Then there was good bye Roy and now it will be good bye you…

Friday, October 20, 2017

Uru Manuka Logo !

In Rimu this week we made logos for the Uru Manka Cluster (we are apart of it.) We were making logos for the logo competition. If one our logos one, that winning logo would be the cluster logo for 2018. Our class would pick five people's logos and enter it in the competition. Uru Manuka was originally a wetland in hornby that got dried out. Please send feedback.

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Elections National Party Slide

In Rimu for the past two weeks, we did election work. We did this because we want you to see what you vote for and how it makes an impact on you. I wanted to share this because it is voting year. My group got randomly selected into a party, it was National. We got to research 3 policies health care, housing and education. What party do you like ? 
Hope you enjoy.