Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Elections National Party Slide

In Rimu for the past two weeks, we did election work. We did this because we want you to see what you vote for and how it makes an impact on you. I wanted to share this because it is voting year. My group got randomly selected into a party, it was National. We got to research 3 policies health care, housing and education. What party do you like ? 
Hope you enjoy.

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Canta Maths Our Presentation !

In Rimu last week, I had a cantamaths exhibit in my class.
My friend and I made a hat for the wearable arts part.
We had to write about our project and why we made it.
This is what we wrote.

Hope you enjoy !
Fancy Juvenile's Hat

Guess how tall our hat is!

Our project was to make a top hat that guess how tall it was to wear. We choose to do this to test people's knowledge of estimating measurements without a ruler or maths tool of some kind.  We used a sewing machine to attach the black fabric on the hat. We used cardboard for the structure of the hat and it was covered in black fabric.

We used a craft knife for cutting out the top and also used it for making the brim.
We used double sided tape to get the top to stick on the hat.

For maths strategies we measured how tall the hat was with a ruler to check how big it was and a little bit of estimating the because the top of the hat was might of been a bit bigger.

Wednesday, September 6, 2017


In Rimu on tuesday, I went to the Canterbury Digi Awards.
I made a music video with my friend Jacob, I chose to do a rap. We came first place in our year group.
We won radios.

The song was called Hospitality Town.
The Theme was Manaakitanga, It is about hospitality, showing respect for others and caring for others.

I hope you like it.

Thursday, August 31, 2017

Amazing Top Hat CANATA MATHS 2017

In rimu for the past five we have been doing CANTA MATHS.

We made a Top hat that you guess how long it is.
We made it to test people's estimating skills without a ruler.
I think is a pretty good hat.

Did you guys do CANTA MATHS ?

There is a photo down below.Aug 31, 2017 1:27:41 PM.jpg

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

SOCIAL MEDIA ( It can be your heads' worst enemy.)

In Rimu for the past five weeks our class and the school wrote speeches.

I wrote about social media and why we should spend less time on it. I chose this topic because I thought It was messege that people should hear.

I hope you enjoy.

Hi guys, oooh Logan Paul is eating two marshmallows at once I should do it two and post it on Instagram. Well I'm not one of those guys. Here I am today to say why we should stop spending so much time on time on social media.

It’s ok that we can post something once a day or share something with your friends but we don’t have to do it that much . Here is the average time people go on social media sites per day.
1 Youtube for 40 minutes per day.
2 Facebook for 35 minutes per day.
3 Snap chat for 25 minutes per day.

Wow,  if I was using social media, my maximum would be 10 or 15 minutes.

Now this is for the kids in my age group let's say 12- 17 year olds.
13/17 year olds go on social media for longer than two hours most days. Seriously why is it so important to you? Think to yourself, is it really that important in your life? Well it's not important at all! There are lots of other things to do and which are way more important.

Scientists have found out teens are influenced by likes on their posts and the brain uses its rewards system to make them feel happy. That is also why they get hooked on it and become addicted. Is that great ?, No.

This is another reason you shouldn’t go on social media sites that much.
4500 kids do suicide every year because of cyber bullying and also it is crime if you do it. Cyber bullying mostly happens through social media. People often put up photos or comments which others see as the opportunity to be mean and put people down in order to feel powerful. While these people can be traced and stopped, the damage to a person's self esteem and self worth sticks with them and makes them feel pretty insecure.

I’ll tell you this. I used to be addicted to Youtube. I was so addicted that, I would go on it for two hours usually every day. For example I would get a little angry if I was told to do something when I was in the middle of watching something on youtube. This caused problems in the family and communication break downs. If you are like that stop watching youtube untill you will be fine with watching it for a little bit.

This  is better than going on social media all the time, for an example read a book, go outside and be fit, spend time with your family. The first part of making the change is to admit when there is a problem.

I hope you agree with my message, if you are like this, go cold turkey and stop doing it.

Friday, August 25, 2017

Compaion Cube Rampage

On Thursday I made a Scratch Game. It was a game like space invaders. I made this because it why my programing tutors idear, his name is Ashley. To play the game you have to shoot evil chocolates. Their is some bugs because I am still working on it. To move the character use the arrow keys and to shoot the chocolates. Hope you enjoy.

Friday, August 18, 2017

The Hulk and the TV !

I made this awhile ago. It is animation about the HULK ! I made this because I love the HULK and when he gets angry. The plot is about a annoying show that he hates goes on tv and gets mad. Is there any show that you hate ? Hope you enjoy.