Friday, September 21, 2018

Michel's Path Writing!

First I would like to say this is a restricted story, it contains graphic writing. I made this for 13 to 14-year-olds so I am warning you it is quite dark and detailed. There might be some mistakes because I might have not picked it up on the time. I posted this because I was instructed by the teachers and also I wanted to show you my work. I found it a bit hard to do but I pulled through in the end. I hope you enjoy.

Michels Path.

The year was 2084, the mess had started most people had joined a religious village for some sought of “closure”. All cults religions were getting bigger. The new world peace summits had come to a decision to make all the countries citizens would have to join the villages or they would be isolated and treated badly as if it was racism. This continued to the mixed message story… Michel was skinny, his bones darted out as he moved. His eyes are average size with the light blue shining with life. He walks like skeleton, who has lost balance. He had brown buzz cut hair.

Michel was in one of these villages as he was forced by his “Lovely” foster parents” They were the top of the line for being pathetic they should get a trophy for it. Ding! They were so fixated on finding the “true light”. They had looked at everything satanism, paganism,  judaism, mason,,catholic , baptism and jw. Now they had found the right one great-tisim.  

The ongoing day, Michel was writing in his log.

Log, today I had been chosen to do the jabbing. Red had told me not to do it, blue had disagreed. But in the end I sticked with blue and declined with grace. The anger of  me disobeying the law, the priest had sent spikes into my sole. The continuing anger he gives me I take in. Oh I’m the second highest priest I am they eye of the wrong blah blah blah, I wish he was dead. I would be the one to kill him, just kidding. Good bye.

Michael had been from family to family because of his personality. He would scare them of with his mental health. It had got worse one day and had caused his third foster family to discard him to the trash, leaving him waiting to get something from the family charity box. One day some caregivers were taking in orphans. He was took him in after the following months, he has been with them ever since...
Right now,
Michel was walking to get a snack with his ongoing hunger. Thud! S-pla-ch-t! The energy shields bars had fell down like rolling dominoes. Michel ran frantically to the broken wall. He felt the ground getting moisture. Ti-plo-p! Ti-plo-p! Ti-plo-p! Was this liquid. He walked closer. He could see a silhouette. As he walked it got bigger, every step there was a crunch of hollow twigs snapping,with the leafs giving some help along the way. The sky was white with the grey clouds, with neon light blue trying to make an entrance. The ground was hard as a mountain. The village looked like a sci fi space camp mixed with old 19th century cottage. The white specks of snow flying around in art, mixed in with all the elgent in the world.

He was now closer. He could finally make out what was there it was a body. The blood was burgundy with scarlet and black mixing into one. It was a five-year-old girl with a teddy bear in her hand. She was wearing a grey dress with her hazel hair braided into a bun. Help he screamed with fire. He put his coat onto on to her body. bump! bump! Bump! His heart beat fast. HELP! He screamed again. The screaming had got the priest attention. He looked with anger. His hair was grey long and hadn't been cleaned. His stomach bulging out of his shirt. With his pale face, chilly pepper nose pointing in a straight line. With his closed chin tensing as he said every word. “You did this, I knew you were the crow of the village, you were trying to become a terrorist. I had been praying for you day and day.” The wind blew across the priest's unenlightened face, his eyes grey eyes were clear, the pupils was darker than oblivion. His fear made him wobble with his skeleton legs forcing him into the ground with his legs pointing crooked in opposite position to the normal stance. Michel was stuck and he was doomed.

Part one over

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

The Purple Stove Story. (writing)

In writing last week I made a story based on a thing I made in an online game. I chose to post this because I didn't have my maths and my writing stuff finished. So I thought I would post this story. I wonder if the society will get big. I found it a bit challenging to write but I pulled through in the end.
I hope you enjoy.


The purple stove is a religious society that started in the year 2018 it was a society for people to do their stuff in another form, some sought of privacy they stated. The long days of the society were quite spiritual they score the supreme being as the purple stove the source of all the main elements in the world, it was like the Freemasons it was kinda like a god but it also didn’t have much of a human mind. The stove could be the Jewish, Catholic, Baptist or Jehovah. But they didn’t believe it would make contact with people, it was a more secret being but still, there was times it made contact. The members started contacting each over in private servers for special meetings. The top leader made a deal with anonymous to make there secret chats on the deep web.

4 ranks there in the society.
  1. S
  2. T
  3. O
  4. V
  5. E

The 5th rank is optional you achieve it if you have all 4 ranks and have bet the trial tom.
The trial of tom: you have to write down the the laws 5 times a week for two months.
And post it on the private site.

People joined  a private padlet only some were allowed in. In the end, the stove people disbanded into private groups for different elements they liked better than the other ones but all members are still united as one. The founders book is posted online. The makers had made this so the believers  could be united . The remaining members are putting in money for advertisement. The founder has stated that we will be here forever.

5 members have left the group and is posting bad stuff about them online.

Friday, September 14, 2018

Te reo Maori Slide

In rimu this term I have been doing te reo Maori. I posted this so I could show you something other than reading and writing. Ps, this updates all the time, so check it again if you want to. I found saying the words tricky but I did ok I think. Please tell me if you liked my work. Hope you enjoy.

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

REFUGEE Reading !

In Rimu for the past few weeks, we have been reading Refugee by Alan Gratz. I edit this weekly for some continuing time of (2018). I chose to post this because I haven't posted my reading work for a while. (12 of August) I enjoyed doing the activities for this. I found some of the questions hard but I followed through. I hope you enjoy.

Friday, September 7, 2018

My Mini Inquiry !

In Rimu this week. I did a practice inquiry for my bigger inquiry. We were instructed to post our work on our blog. I picked this because I am very proud of it. It has instructions on it to show you how I did it. I found this a little bit tricky but I finished it in the end. Hope you enjoy.

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Ice palace week 2!

In rimu this week for writing we did more ice palace work. I  am sorry to say that I am posting another writing thing, I know I did one last week but I just had to show you what I wrote. We had to fill in the blanks of the words and also add 1 or 2 more paragraphs of our own. Then decided to post this on my blog because I had to post today by the teachers and I love what I have done so far with my work. I found it hard and easy at times. It was a tiny bit harder when I had to add another paragraph, in these circumstances. I hope you enjoy.

Thursday, August 30, 2018

The Ice palace

In Rimu this week we did some writing work based on the book, THE ICE PALACE! I chose to post this on my blog. We first had to look at some photos and write some sentences based on the idea of the photos we saw. Then we wrote a story based on the starting sentence from the book and the sentence we picked that I wrote myself. I would love you guys and girls to give feedback if I need to change my sentences or add, or take away anything. I hope you enjoy.