Thursday, November 15, 2018

Direct Speech DLO

In rimu this week and the last we had been learning about direct speech for a our new story tale writing. I found this moderately ok to do. If there is any feedback how to make this better please
tell me. I made this for something new to post for this week. Hope you enjoy

Friday, November 9, 2018

Prefix help UN RE MIS PRE

In rimu this week I did prefix learning and one of the instructions was to make a DLO about the prefixes I had been given. I had made an google drawing to show a way of learning this. I found this reasonably easy to do. Please give me any advice to make this better.

 I hope you enjoy.

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Sailing 2018

In Rimu last week, we went off our heels, sailing at Lake Rua ! The teachers instructed us to post this on our blogs.
Firstly we drove to the lake grounds and got prepared. Secondly we were taught about how to gear up a boat.
The sky was blue with the clouds looking more elegant than ever with the clouds overlapping each over. I found it a bit tricky with the ropes but I “surprisingly” pulled through. We had learnt how the ropes work to support our boat. I continued to look at the way it was being put together and tried to think of ways of how the things would work together because I didn’t really take in the right amount of information, my BAD. When the boat was set up, we waited when the others were done. The puting continued to happen until some time later. The following task was how to learn how to use it.

It was broken into two parts. The first was how to control the boat by pulling the string up to your hand and switching it to the other hand to control its power and speed. It went something like this. I vaguely remember that I was pulling the string up to my hand and moving the grabbing hand into a grip. I got really confused how the wanted me to do this, so I fourtnily got some HELP, I imagine people going like opera singers. Next part of the first task was to move the stick to make it move, the stick control resembled a join stick figure. We had to hold it like a microphone when we used it. We had to do the string thing and the stick thing kinda of at the same time (sorry for the blandness). Now for the second task of this task was too learn how to duck under the sail and with back to our controls as we are moving (we did this on land.) I found this a bit hard but I actually did it wright. I got use to it after a few tries. We had to pivet as we moved to the other side. I'm happy that I remembered how to pivot from my boxing lessons. Also I would like to describe these actions like a spinning tornado swerving to a place in a timed manor over and over again.

After that was done we were going to practise on water. To be honest I did not take part the two particular events (in saling). I did not this because there was a lot of confusion stress, and not knowing what decision to make in the end. I felt a little bad that I sat out but it wasn’t the end of the world for me.

To add some stuff what also happened in that day I will show you guys and girls some photos.

To finish this off. The head of the Student council gave our instructs our thanks and we went of on our way back to school.

Thursday, November 1, 2018

My Recount 2

In Rimu for the past almost month, we had been improving our recount skills from last year. I had written about athletics with the funny end to it. I found it harder to describe the detail a bit because after the pain of I had felt the memory of its kind was a little bit vague but to my advantage, I still remembered everything in order. I believe I have improved a bit better than last time and for me, any improvement is good enough for me. 

Friday, October 26, 2018

Measuring angles in a triangle.

In rimu, for the past two weeks, we had been doing maths geometry and measurement so I thought I would teach you how to do this. The video might not be as clear as I wanted it because when I am deciding what to say on camera, I can tend to stutter a bit and not make as much sense. Please tell me if it was helpful. This is also similar to my other maths workshops.

Wednesday, October 24, 2018


In Rimu this week, we were improving our pretend recount based on the animation we saw. We had two choices one to be the grandpa or the grandkid. Please know that it might not as sound as good because I tried to make it sound like one from a kids eyes and he sounds really smart also. I chose to post this because this was the finished thing to show this week. I thought this was a bit hard to do from a kid's eyes.

Is there stuff that you would think to make this better? I also would like to add, Is there any good short stories to make my own version of, please tell me if you can thanks. This is also like the Rainmaker story I did as well if you have seen that post.
I hope you enjoy. check out my other stuff too please and see cool stuff I have made.

Today I went to grandpas house. I previously was going to spend my time with dad but he had work again. The car drove its self to the direction of the garage. After that, he sat me down and continued to mow the lawn. I felt pure boredom mixed with the feeling of sadness. I had come up with the IDEA… It was to climb up the boxes as I saw the glittering trolley with its red and white strips shining in the light of the soon resting sun. At that moment I scrambled up the old boxes to take a closer look. For your information that went tarball. My weight with the help of the trolley, we fell down like stones. The trolley fell down with the dated photo in the light. This scared him very much. But his mind had changed when he saw the photo. He said, “ this used to be your dad’s, let's go to the park.”

Now I put on the helmet,   size. Then we were on our way. Adrenaline was coming out of grandpa’s eyes. “I guess  your dad didn’t tell you about the escaped sewer monkeys.” He said this with grace. Now we were playing. I imagined the house’s turning into a forest, as the sunset was getting more and more beautiful. The trees were black the fog is lime green. And out of know where the monkeys had come with there red eyes shining into the distance. They slung slashed in the jungle vines. We were running into the water as our trollery turned into a boat. We were now at pice looking a the calm waterfall bright as ever with the hills looking like orange and beige had a baby, I thought it was going to stay like this but I  was severely wrong. We were going down the ahh! Have we had met our very ends?

But to our advantage, the boat turned into a plane. It was the beginning of a cool friendship with my grandpa. We were having the time of our lives. But that moment had to come to an end because we quickly ran out of gas, we still had fun despite we were going down in a bang slowly.

Now we were back at the bump at the park, peering over the autumn leafs. At this time grandpa had “discovered” another problem. The aliens were ready to attack. The trolley had transformed into a space-cycle. The stars were shining in the light of the cosmos. Enemy ships were forming in platoons. Their ships looked like ovals with lime green lighting around them. I was wearing a white space suit. The ships came closer at drastic speed. I shot them with my raid pistol. The whole group went down like statuses. I skidded around with grandpa, who was happy as larry. Swish! The beams sucked us in the mother ships fire range. I pulled out my gun ready to shoot. And then that was dad. He came out of the car and picked me up. That was it and it was the best day of my life so far.

Wednesday, October 17, 2018


Term 4 is a novel study for Rimu 2018, so here it is. I chose to post this because I would like you to see how my work progress. This will commence until the remainder of the term. My book was Anne Frank version B updated version. Please give me feedback on how I wrote things. First opinion of Anne Frank 17/10 2018. " I love her sense of humour and her philosophy' of her classes atmosphere. I also like the occasional comment of her new opinion of her past references."
I have enjoyed this as how much I have read it so far. Hope you enjoy.