Monday, December 3, 2018

Summer learning journey

  1. Capital: berlin wikipedia
  2. population capital: 82.29 mil
  4. Weather 30F
  5. Northern hemisphere
  6.   Common language Main german English, Turkish, Arabic, Russian, Kurdish, Polish, Vietnamese, Croatian, Greek, Serbian. 
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Pet day 2018

In rimu last week we had pet day. Pet day is a day when it is focused on stuff to do with pets and agricultural activities.  I had not witnessed the hole day because we had to leave early. I had enjoyed this day but wasn't really phased by it. If you didn't have a pet you could use a toy or a rock. I used a pig (toy). My highlight of the day was seeing the ducks getting led by a dog. To top this of, here our some photos.  Hope you enjoy.

Friday, November 30, 2018

Waste not want not

In Rimu this term we had been doing inquiries on pollution. I had chose to do air. I had found this a bit challenging because the person who had started the inquiry was never really clear with me but I did pull through. I chose to post this because It was my finished work of this week. I had found this ok  but I wasn't really interested in this because I all ready new alot about air pollution and waste from other events. The thing I mainley enjoyed doing was how to keep air clean at your own home. Also I have made a survey that you people can go on if you want to try this. I made it for kids from year five up. The survey is for my inquiry so please go on it.Link

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Luke for the flower part 2 ! finishing and illustrating soon.

In rimu this week I had continuing my series that I had  posted elyar last week. I posted this because I wanted this to become a good story line. I had just finished writing part two today. Is there any ideas you have, please tell me them if you do I might add new character. 
I hope you enjoy.

“So was that easy to do?”
“Well the thing that I thought was-”
“ ehh don’t care. So let's go two snowdin.”

The pair walked along the way, traveling on their trip to Snowdin.
As the way went along, the crab keeped on taking bathroom breaks and kept on talking to its sock.
“ Barnaby the sock, what should I eat.” “Barnaby the sock are snowman white dogs.” Barnby the sock, are you my uncle.”
Ian kept going like this for the hole trip, did Luke have enough strength take this…

Now they had made it there. Ian had decided to eat at Grillby's the little bar in next to the houses at the trees. When they had entered through the door, Ian had saw a horrible crime. A person had been sitting in Ian’s booth. Grilbie the owner had witnessed the crabs destress and tried to smooth things over.

“ I’m sorry Ian but I couldn’t tell you and he frightens me.” grills stress made his flames grow stronger.

Ian looked at the sitter. He was buff looked like a shark with human body similarities.
“Hey pal, you are sitting in my booth please leave.”
The sitter was not phazed.
Ian had to resort to his emergency repluser. Ian put his arm on the sharks shoulder. 5 longly lasted second passed and the shark walked off crying. Luke had learned, don’t mess with Ian the crab.

“Ok let's eat,” said Luke,” I’m starving.” He was too hungry to take in what happend. “What type of flower do you want, if you ask me there really easy to get, so why ask me.”
“ this one is special, only on of it kind and it lurks around. It's filled with determination.”  “ It was looking for a yellow sole, that's how came to you. How do I say this us crab’s have the ability to see sole without going to into battle to see them, so when I noticed you saw something that looked like a yellow heart. We can see a lot of things also we can see the best in people and the worst… With other stuff to…
Any way let's get back to the subject, we will stay at my place then we will go continue on our jeroney.’
Luke woke up with a aching pain in his head. A red lump was forming. Ian dropped a frying pan. “ ok, the flower usually hangs around in the snowdin forest or the core lab. Some people have seen it moving along in the darkness every hour then. Some people who were board have kept logs when they had seen it. Noted and marked its whereabouts and when it usually did goe to that place, so they could make notes of it’s schedule, so they could watch it like bird watchers, waiting for something unexpected to happen.” “ we are going to collect it.”

Friday, November 23, 2018

Put myself in a story

In Rimu this week we had an activity to make our self in a story. I had enjoyed this concept because I could put myself in something I love. Also the character I played showed my more hyper personality in a way. I chose to do this because this was what I had finished this week and was new. I based this of Undertale.

 I hope you enjoy.

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Hooked On Books!

In Rimu this week we have been participating in reading a range of stories and different gunras. We have read 3 books by now and have two more to go. I had  enjoyed most of them but one of them just wasn't for.

 One was about a chilling adventure between this boy and the "world". The second one was a light hearted funny book, I personally see this for kids of 8 to 9 maximin. The 3rd one was about a boy that kept quite to him self with secrets, and chilling plots.

 I had enjoyed the 3rd on the most but didn't get to finish it. To top this of I will show you some photos of the work I had to do to it.

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Thursday, November 15, 2018

Direct Speech DLO

In rimu this week and the last we had been learning about direct speech for a our new story tale writing. I found this moderately ok to do. If there is any feedback how to make this better please
tell me. I made this for something new to post for this week. Hope you enjoy